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Websites should engage with your targeted consumer and client base. They should convey a central message that connects with your consumers.

I can help extend your website's reach, not only to desktops, but to mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets with a concurrent theme and image running throughout. I can rapidly create a website to give the client an online presence using my skills in design and knowledge in website creation. The website will be optimised for search engines (SEO optimised) and have a built in SSL certificate which will also benefit the search engine rankings and means the connection between the end user and your website is secure.


Video editing is a modern, dynamic technique of interacting with your consumers. Instant video conveys your brand image in a unique way.

I have a profound knowledge in video editing using programs such as Sony Vegas and Final Cut Pro, combined with graphic creation, I can create an original video for your company, tailored to your needs and specifications, whether it be a promotional teaser, informational video or showcasing a product or property.

I can shoot full HD video using many cameras or using aerial equipment such as drones. Click here to view some of my aerial cinematography.


Creating a memorable and recognisable brand is key for consumers to remember yourself and your company. Concurrent branding is vital across all platforms.

Using my knowledge in Photoshop, I can design a logo, business cards, reports, presentations and more to create your brand from scratch or to rebrand your current company without losing the essence, origins and true values. I can help establish or develop your brand through consistent visual appeal. 


I can shoot high quality photographs and full HD video using a variety of different lenses and equipment including drones for aerial photography.

I also edit the photos to the client's specification and has experience in photographing properties for sale or rent, landscapes and items for sale.

Click here to view a gallery of my photography.


Content drives your website, brand and information you provide to your consumers. Professional and error-free text is essential to engage your customers. 

Whether it's simply proof-reading, checking for grammatical errors, restructuring your text or if it's someone you need to assist in crafting your content from scratch, I can help. 


The unprecedented rise of Social Media means it is an essential aspect of any company or brand. Engage with your community on the various social media platforms to convey your message to vast groups of people. 

I can assist you in creating, managing and developing each of your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more. My knowledge of effective user engagement will be extremely useful in prioritising and marketing online content.