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I was born in London in 1993 and grew up there until I moved to Broadstairs on the Kent Coast in 2000, I attended Upton Junior school then went on to Dane Court Grammar School where I did well in my GCSES then focused on Media Studies (A), Psychology (A*), English (B) and German (B) at A Level. I relocated to Corfu in Greece in January 2012 which was quite a journey taking myself and my family through France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and finally Greece, you can find a video playlist of the journey here.

Corfu Town, Greece

Media and video production was the field I was most passionate in, I started, what would become, a YouTube career in 2008, focusing on the gaming genre where I became one of the first Machinima Premium Directors and YouTube Partners in 2010, meaning I would earn advertising revenue depending on the amount of views my videos received. To date, I have gained over 30,000 subscribers combined on all channels and over 17 million video views. I have taught myself how to use editing programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom for all of my graphic design and photography as well as Sony Vegas and Final Cut Pro for all video editing production. I have become proficient in each of these platforms which has contributed greatly to my design work today.

Capitalising on my knowledge of the gaming genre I was offered a sponsorship from a Minecraft Server company offering me a server to run and manage for my community from YouTube and other regular players. The Minecraft server ran from 2013-2018 and was extremely successful and grew to become a network with an interactive community who contributed greatly to the success of the network. The server attracted over 50,000 unique visitors.

My time on YouTube has put me in contact with many companies. I have obtained permission to use music from various labels including Monstercat Media, Red Bull Records and FiXT Music including many other individual artists. I have been sponsored by companies including KontrolFreek and Elgato by reviewing their products. I am also affiliated with advertising agencies such as the Ayzenberg Group.

Igoumenitsa,  Greece

I started to design logos and graphics for small local businesses. Then, I progressed to website design, editing videos and producing graphic work for bigger companies. You can find all the projects I've worked on here. This has enabled me to work with international companies from London, Hong Kong, Greece, Romania and the United States.

My main focus of work since 2017 has been photography, video editing and website design and production helping businesses focus, align and enhance their brand.

Through my work and experience in digital media I have become knowledgeable in video editing, graphic design, photography, website design, advertising campaigns and branding.


I continue to be very active on social media, posting updates and pictures, you can follow me here.

- Henry Daeche